headquarter[s] services GmbH

HEADQUARTER[S] is the new startup hub in the heart of the most populous state in Germany with two current locations in Cologne-Marsdorf and Cologne downtown and another planned to be completed within the next 1-2 years.

These are new startup hot spots aimed toward young digital enterprises and companies of digital innovation. HEADQUARTER[S] will build a startup ecosystem that offers the best launch pad for startups.

Companies of different business stages, sizes and needs can connect at HEADQUARTER[S]. We aim to offer the best infrastructure and inspiring environment to enable young startups to build successful products and companies, to scale, and to reach relevant size.
For more information check out the awesome video to our official opening on July 7th 2016. Many thanks to StartupCon and Business-onfor their great job.

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headquarter[s] services GmbH

- Downtown -

Neue Weyerstraße 2

50676 Köln

headquarter[s] ist Veranstaltungsort für:

Mi, 26. Oktober 2016 19.00 - 22.00 Uhr

Come-together am Vorabend der StartupCon

Exklusives Networking-Event für Startups und Investoren

Veranstaltet von: business-on.de